Essential wellbeing tools for remote workers

Professional burnout at work and chaos in head. Tired and overworked man manager at office workplace lies face down on laptop. Frustrated worker mental health problems.

Research indicates that remote and hybrid workers are more likely to suffer feelings of burnout than full time office workers and younger workers report being more stressed.

In this 90 minute interactive webinar, digital detox expert Colin Corby and stress management expert Liz Naik will explore the benefits that regular digital detoxing, stress management and resilience brings for remote and hybrid workers. Using research and simple to implement tools and techniques that can make an immediate difference to the resilience, health & wellbeing of remote workers.

In this workshop, participants will learn about:
• What digital detox and stress management are and why they are so important for remote workers.
• Stress management and resilience for remote workers
• Easy to implement tools and techniques on creating a healthier balance with technology.
• Techniques to enhance and deepen connection between remote workers.