Part of The ‘Know How’ Series

Tricks of the Mind

A team building workshop to bring people together through an entertaining insight into our own reality and flaws as humans. This workshop will challenge you to ask more questions and pay far more attention to yourself, your colleagues and everything around you.

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We are very rarely called upon to question the reality that we see, hear, feel and remember

We think that:

  • We should see something unexpected, if it is right in front of us
  • Our vivid memories are what actually happened and to us
  • Our decisions are made freely and are without any external influence
  • Our confidence is firmly based on our knowledge, skills and abilities
  • We are our own masters and not unduly influenced by the crowd
  • Our reality is fixed and consistent

But we are wrong!

Workshop details & requirements

  • Time

    Approximately 2h with two short breaks

  • Delivery method

    Talk, with supporting slides, exercises and Q&A

  • Facilities required

    Meeting room or conference facilities with projector