Digital Distraction & Productivity

Would you like to win back an extra 30 minutes every day?

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Dive into the strange world of why we love to be distracted, how the environment and digital habits trigger our behaviour, why being busy is not the same as being productive and how attention management allows you to get more done and with less stress.

We live in a world where we have constant access to technology 24/7 and the boundaries between work and our personal lives have become blurred. Multiple apps compete for our attention, and algorithms and AI try to anticipate, personalise and influence the choices that we make. Therefore it's no surprise that the cost of so many distractions is the build up of stress and the feelings of constantly being busy.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

This workshop is ideal for organisations with remote and hybrid employees.

In this workshop, digital detox expert and TEDx speaker Colin Corby will explore the strange world of distraction and attention using research, information and insights, and easy to implement practical strategies to improve focus & productivity, and to reduce the cumulative build up of stress.


  • Thank you to Colin Corby for a brilliant webinar to our clients on Digital Distraction and productivity.
    Most of us know that our devices can hijack our productivity, but we’re often unconsciously lead into behaviours and rabbit holes we end up regretting. Colin showed us all how we can get another 30 minutes a day with simple changes, resulting in winning back our most valuable resource"

    Jane Sykes
    Bigmore Benefits