Digital Detox – Taking back control

Empowering individuals through Digital Detox by providing strategies and ideas to take away and improve your digital/real life balance.

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Digital Detox for a better digital/real life balance - from the digital detox coach

Here are some questions we should ask ourselves, our partners, family and friends:

  • Do you get anxious if you’ve misplaced your smart phone or tablet?
  • Do you check your Emails, Social Media, blogs and Apps in bed at night before you sleep and again first thing in the morning?
  • Do you have you phone visible at family meal times?

‘If you don't pay for it, you are the product!’

Our favourite websites, Social Media, Apps, Messenger services and games are designed to make our interactive experience compelling, keep us engaged and go back for more. Persuasive design techniques are used to harnesses the evolutionary biases and weaknesses in the human mind.

This workshop explains why it works and how you can think differently.

Strategies for change

It's extremely difficult to run a marathon without any training and purpose. The same is true for most of the challenges in our lives. Drawing on an analogy with sport and using psychological techniques, participants will take away strategies and ideas to help them to achieve a better digital/real life balance.