Digital Detox – Coaching for Managers

How to increase your productivity by 20%. A high impact presentation designed to capture the essence of the ‘Business Productivity through Digital Detox’ workshop with a focus on assisting Managers to implement a Digital Detox Methodology.

Lost productivity

Distractions and addictive technology

Valuable productivity is being lost by the distractions and addictive nature of today’s interconnected digital world.

The time we spend digitally connected

Ofcom's 2018 Communications Market Report suggests people in the U.K spend on average 24 hours per week online.

  • This is more than double that in 2011 and the majority of this time is on mobile devices.
  • On average, people check their mobile phone every 12 minutes!

Getting everyone onboard

Communication within organisations and businesses is key to the success of any new initiative.

In today's digitally interconnected world, everyone will be very busy, so strategies on how to motivate and influence the team to adopt new, more productive behaviours will be covered.


  • Interesting, entertaining and food for thought

    Paul Turner
    Director Legal and Assurance, Essex Legal Services (ELS)
  • Applicable to the working environment. Good use of theory

    Katie Bray
    Head of Legal, Essex Legal Services (ELS)