All things being equal; how not to lose the sale

This workshop is essential for sales professionals to become choice architects. It takes a close look at the psychology of human behaviour, bias and decision making, together with some useful tools from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Business decisions are made by people!

People like people like them

We need to establish rapport with all our customers, but many will not be like us and this can present challenges.

  • The better the rapport, the easier it is to communicate and for our message to be understood. The more positive the engagement, the easier it will be to do business.
  • This workshop delves into the psychology of rapport and introduces some interesting tools from NLP.

Valuable insights from psychology

By looking closely into the psychology of human behaviour, bias and decision making, we can better understand ourselves and our customers.

By picking up on these subtle insights, we will be able to engage more effectively and be better placed to win new, and consolidate existing, business.

There is no such thing as a neutral choice

Choice architecture is the design used to present choice in different ways, and how this can influence decision-making.

  • The number of choices, the manner in which attributes are described and the presence of default or recommended option can all influence or nudge choices made by a customer.
  • By understanding choice architecture sales professionals can compensate for irrational decision-making biases.


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