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Colin Corby, aka ‘The Digital Detox Coach’ was the guest on Wellness All Seasons Podcast hosted by Mina Qandar . Mina is based in Paris, France.

The podcast session is entitled ‘Unlock Your Wellness: The Power of Digital Detox with Colin Corby'

This episode explores the profound impact of digital connection on our overall well-being and delves into the intricate relationship between technology, psychology, and neuroscience. The conversation navigates the challenges caused by our digital habits, emphasizing the importance of real-world connections, physical activities, and mindful breaks from screens. Colin introduces the concept of "digital detox snacks," short breaks designed to alleviate the stress of constant digital engagement.

The discussion also delves into the impact of loneliness exacerbated by shallow online connections, underscoring the value of genuine human interaction and the restorative benefits of nature. Practical tips are shared for integrating digital detox practices into daily life, including setting boundaries for screen time and establishing tech-free zones in the home.

The episode emphasizes that digital detox is not about abandoning technology altogether but finding a balance that allows individuals to thrive The episode provides actionable insights for cultivating a healthier, more balanced life.

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