Tools for remote workers.

Research indicates that remote and hybrid workers are more likely to suffer feelings of burnout than full time office workers and younger workers report being more stressed.

Colin Corby, CEO of Technology Wellbeing Ltd and Liz Naik, founder of Focus & Freedom Quality Coaching, a company based in Switzerland, have announced a joint collaboration in addressing the urgent need for remote workers to have the skills and tools to stay healthy, productive and connected whilst working remotely.

The workshop brings together the wealth of experience from both companies in Digital Detox, Digital Wellbeing, Stress Management and Resilience to create a practical and engaging workshop with easy to implement tools and techniques that can make an immediate difference to the health and wellbeing of remote workers.

Book the 'Essential Tools for the health and Wellbeing of Remote Workers'

This workshops is also available in the US through a collaboration with BrightFlare Performance Solutions.

For more information about Liz Naik visit Focus & Freedom Quality Coaching

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