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Are We Losing our Human Identity to Technology?

Colin Corby and Ana Smith were co-speakers at the TEDx event on 'Identity' at the Lake Superior State University in Michigan, USA on the 22 March 2023. The title of their talk was "Are We Losing our Human Identity to Technology?"

"What it’s like to be you, is a fundamental part of our consciousness, identity, and being alive. Everything that we experience, every thought and feeling has the potential to limit what we do next. With the pervasiveness of Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, our lives and identities are already being shaped online as never before, how can we still be uniquely us in the digital age?"

The video of the talk Are we losing our Human Identity to Technology? is now available to watch. Please feel free to like, comment and share.

Ana Smith is the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at Brightflare performance solutions based in Houston, Texas, USA.

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