TEDx Speaker Coaching

Ana Smith, Chief Learning and Wellbeing Officer, BrightFlare Performance Solutions, gave her second TEDx talk this year on ‘How to Improve your Wellbeing in the Digital Age in Huston, Texas, on the 4 November.

A remarkable achievement, however behind the scenes she was working with Colin Corby, CEO of Technology Wellbeing on trialling and perfecting a joint TEDx and public speaking coaching service.

Many people find the thought of public speaking very daunting, particularly when you have no notes to refer to and you’re in front of a large audience. But whether you need this skill as a leader or manager, or you’ve just got an idea so important that it’s worth sharing, with the right coaches you can perform at your best.

If you’re interested in being coached for your TEDx or public speaking event, then please contact Ana Smith and Colin Corby through the contact’s page.

Watch Ana’s second TEDx talk on ‘How to Improve your Wellbeing in the Digital Age,

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