Live with Libby Stevenson.

The Digital Detox Coach was interviewed on Instagram live by Libby Stevenson (libbystevenson.wellbeing) on Thursday 16th April. Topics included how we can be more mindful and purposeful when online, and have a healthier relationship with our technology.
The key message was that being purposeful means that we are in control of our technology, rather than it exerting control over us. It’s about us making a conscious decision to use our smartphones for a particular purpose and for a certain period of time, rather than being distracted by all the notifications and alerts or scrolling out of habit until we wonder where all the time has gone. It means we are empowered to easily disconnect, leaving our smartphones behind so we can reconnect with the other important things we need to do for our health and wellbeing. But most importantly it means that we are fully present with the people physically standing next to us, or on the end of a phone call.

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