Instagram Live with Claire

Claire and I were on Instagram Live at 7pm on Monday 7th September where we were discussing our 4 weeks of digital detox and nature-connection challenges.

I thought I had a strong connection with nature, as this is a really great way to spend time offline and studies have shown that it has many health benefits too. However, taking part in daily nature-connection challenges, and having to report back to Claire as my coach, had many surprising and unexpected consequences. You can find out what these were on our IG live discussion at

Claire is the founder of Nature as Nurture ( and is a leading nature-connection guide and psychotherapist. She's passionate about wellbeing and believes nature can be a powerful ally in supporting our physical and mental health. Claire encourages weaving nature-connection into our daily lives and also provides regular Forest Bathing sessions, nature-infused workshops and Workplace Wellbeing programmes in London for those who want to dive deeper.

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