Growth Mindset Event

Can we change the way we think about ourselves, the people around us, our environment and our mindset or are our capabilities and limitations predetermined and fixed? Are your successes down to your intelligence, hard work and skill, and your failures due to external factors such as other people, circumstances, or just bad luck?

A growth mindset is fundamental to our personal development. It’s the structure on which our success and that of our teams and organisations will be built. But what is a growth mindset, how do you recognise it, do you already have one and if not, how can you acquired one and apply it as a leader, a manager or as an employee?

In our upcoming LinkedIn live talk ‘The Future of Work is Human - Growth Mindset’ we will be demystifying the concept of a growth mindset and discussing ways in we can all develop our skills as leaders, managers and employees with examples and key takeaways that you can implement straight away. We will also discuss some of the elements that make up ‘growth mindset’ organisations and the critical role of leaders and managers as coaches.

Ana Smith, CLO of Brightflare Performance Solutions, and Colin Corby, founder of Technology Wellbeing, will be co-presenting at the 'Future of Work is Human - Growth Mindset' event on Wednesday 27 July 2022 at 6:00pm (UK BST). This is the second in a series of LinkedIn webinars which brings to life some of the key insights in their article 'Digital Transformation - The Human Experience'.

To register for the event go to:

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