Dr. Christopher H. Loo

Colin Corby, aka ‘The Digital Detox Coach’ was the guest of Dr. Christopher H. Loo MD-PhD on his Financial Freedom Podcast. Christopher is based in Huston, Texas.

"Dive into the depths of Tech Time and Transformation Unravelling the Digital Age with Colin Corby of digital wellbeing, the visionary behind 'The Digital Detox Coach'. As a TEDx speaker and seasoned technologist with a flair for endurance sports, Colin brings unique insights into the evolving relationship between humans and technology. In this compelling session, he shares his journey from tech-induced stress to triumphant Ironman finisher, highlighting how physical fitness can reshape our mental resilience. The discussion navigates through the realms of digital detox, the critical mindset for leaders in the tech era, and the sustainable interplay between humans and artificial intelligence. Prepare to be inspired by Colin's perspective on transforming our digital habits to foster a healthier, more ethically grounded life in this age of technological omnipresence."

To hear the podcast go to apple/financial freedom with Dr Christopher H. Loo

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