Digital Productivity

Colin Corby CEO of Technology Wellbeing was the guest presenter at the Bigmore Benefits monthly webinar to talk about Digital Distractions & Productivity. on the 22 February 2024.

Following the event Jane Sykes at Bigmore Benefits posted "Who’d like to win back an extra 30 minutes a day. That’s on average an extra 130 hours a year!!
Thank you to Colin Corby for a brilliant webinar to our clients on Digital Distraction and productivity.
Most of us know that our devices can hijack our productivity, but we’re often unconsciously lead into behaviours and rabbit holes we end up regretting.
Colin showed us all how we can get another 30 minutes a day with simple changes, resulting in winning back our most valuable resource"

Bigmore Benefits offer a range of wellbeing services for companies and their employees of any size and budget. From pre-arranged monthly wellbeing LIVE webinars to a bespoke wellbeing programme, that can be delivered online and/or in person via a network of highly qualified experts. A programme that encompasses all essential parts of an employee’s health & wellbeing from physical, emotional, mental, social and financial wellness.
To find out more please visit or book a discovery call with Jane Sykes on 01932 253939 .

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