Claire takes a Digital Detox.

Claire de Boursac approached me because she was aware that she had been spending more time on her phone since lockdown when her in-person life shrank. She was still often out in nature and being mindful among the trees, but recently found herself unnecessarily checking emails while out and about or mindlessly scrolling social media in the evening. Whilst Claire’s smartphone use might be considered as minimal compared to most people, she thought that her journey through a number of digital detox challenges would be of interest to her many Instagram followers. In return I agreed to take part in a daily nature-connection challenge set by Claire and each week we would report back how we get on with our challenges. We will also discuss our experiences and on an Instagram Live on Monday 7th September at 7pm.

Claire is the founder of Nature as Nurture ( and is a leading nature-connection guide and psychotherapist. She's passionate about wellbeing and believes nature can be a powerful ally in supporting our physical and mental health. Claire encourages weaving nature-connection into our daily lives and also provides regular Forest Bathing sessions, nature-infused workshops and Workplace Wellbeing programmes in London for those who want to dive deeper.

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