BBC Wales Digital Detox

The Digital Detox Coach appeared on the BBC Wales X-Ray programme on the 17 October answering questions on smartphone dependency from Bethany Davies, before she embarked on a phone free digital detox at a campsite in the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside. With no mobile signal, TV or WiFi, she was free to read, paint, play games and take in the amazing scenery.

Refreshed and with a clear mind, Bethany asked for tips on how to incorporate digital detox into her daily life. Colin’s key tip was to build in 3 or 4 breaks throughout the day where you just leave your phone and laptop and do something which isn’t associated with your screens. It can be as simple as going for a walk, a breathing exercise or yoga.

The piece is available on the BBC iPlayer for 12 months starting 22 minutes into the programme

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