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The following Public Speaking Programme, digital detox course and coaching sessions are available from Technology Wellbeing Ltd.

  • TEDx talk featuring Ana Smith and Colin Corby on stage
    Public Speaker Programme

    Our Public Speaker Programme is an immersive three-month journey designed to empower individuals with the skills, confidence, and strategies needed to excel in public speaking. Led by esteemed speakers Ana Smith and Colin Corby, the programme offers tailored guidance and comprehensive support to each participant, ensuring their growth and success in the realm of public speaking. This programme is offered jointly by Brightflare Performance Solutions, USA and Technology Wellbeing Ltd, UK.

  • Digital Detox Course

    The Introduction to Digital Detox online course includes five lessons and over one hour of content including examples, theory, digital detox tools and challenges for homework.

    This course is ideal for anyone who not only wants to learn about how taking regular digital detoxes can help achieve a healthier and more sustainable technology/life balance, but also wants practical tools and challenges that can make this happen.

  • Digital detox coaching represented by a picture of three small green shoots recieving water from a hand.
    Digital wellbeing coaching series
    Digital wellbeing - Individual coaching

    Your attention is a scarce resource.

    Who we are and who we will become to a large extent depends on what we pay attention to and what we choose to ignore. But for most of us it doesn’t seem like we have much choice at all.

    We live in a distraction economy where almost everything is competing for and demanding our attention. It’s easy for the brain to be overloaded with too many choices, and when this happens, we often make no choice at all and just accept the easiest option.

    Individual coaching sessions designed for executives, professionals, SME business owners and individuals to help you focus on really matters to you.