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Hi I’m Colin Corby, CEO and Founder of Technology Wellbeing Ltd, creator of the ‘The Digital Detox Coach’, a technologist, TEDx speaker, digital wellbeing coach and endurance athlete. I created ‘The Digital Detox Coach’ in 2018 to help busy individuals and successful organisations achieve a healthier, more sustainable, and productive relationship with technology through transformative change.

Image of Colin Corby, CEO of Technology Wellbeing Ltd and creator of 'The Digital Detox Coach'.

My own personal journey started in the early 1990s. I had a great job which I enjoyed and was involved in some amazing cutting edge technology projects, but the workload and pressure was high. So high in fact that I suffered from dizzy spells at work. After a series of inconclusive tests, I felt I had to do something. I had a memory of being a good swimmer as a child, so off I went for my first swim. I remember swimming just a short distance before I felt quite ill and had to stop, with my heart racing and gasping for air. I wanted to give up, but that wasn’t an option, because for me, I had reached a ‘tipping point’.

So, I made time to regularly go swimming and my level of fitness gradually improved until my memory of being a good swimmer started to become a reality again. I was training my heart and body to become much more resilient to stress. The dizzy spells had disappeared, and my training had become an integral part of who I was, and by the mid 1990s I was competing in masters swimming events and in the new sport of triathlon. I became fascinated by how the mind and body were inextricably connected, and how by training and having the right mindset, so many more things became possible. This led me to train for and complete four Ironman triathlons.

It was in researching the psychology and neuroscience behind the mindset of an endurance athlete that led me to develop a fascination with the collision between technology and psychology and the ways in which this relationship is rapidly changing our world, our health, and even the way we think. As a technologist, I always try to stay ahead of today’s technology to image how we can live sustainably and productively with technology in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

I love to speak, coach, and give workshops on the power of digital detox, being human in the age of AI, why we've got age all wrong and is your digital footprint killing the planet? as well as the mindset of a business endurance athlete in the age of AI. Workshops in the US can be arranged through our collaboration with with Ana Smith, Chief Learning and Wellbeing Officer at Brightflare Performance Solutions, USA.**

If this sounds interesting, then let’s work together – Schedule a call here.

Technology Wellbeing Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales No 4951631 and is based in East Anglia, within easy reach of London.

Presenter Profile

Colin Corby and Ana Smith on stage giving a TEDx talk
Colin D. Corby

PGD TM (Open), BSc (Hons) I.Eng MIET

Colin Corby is The Digital Detox Coach

Colin has over 30 years experience in leading technology companies. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Technology Management, a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics, and is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Keynote speaker, author and co-author of a number of articles on the future of work, digital culture and digital detox including:

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