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Digital Amnesia – Does Google affect your memory! If there’s something you don’t know, do you automatically think, I’ll Google that? In the fascinating book ‘The Memory Illusion’, Dr Julia Shaw explains that knowing we can always access information later on makes us less likely to put in the effort to try to remember it, therefore decreasing our actual memory of it subsequently. Google was founded in September 1998 and since then the internet has become a primary form of external or transactive memory, where information is stored collectively outside of ourselves. The important point is that it requires effort and resources to acquire knowledge and skill. If we rely on external transactive memory, then we either lessen the knowledge and skills we already have, or do not acquire some new skills at all, substituting knowledge and skill with where to find it. Can you still navigate your car without Google maps or sat nav? But there may be another side effect to having less detailed memories. One of our greatest assets of being human is our creativity and problem solving ability which relies on our brains unconsciously forging connections between pieces of information that we don’t link up when we are too focussed. In the future we may not have such an extensive memory library to call on! So, this week’s Digital Detox is about our human knowledge and skill: 1. Smart phones switched to silent and put away. 2. Now for the next hour make a list of the things you used to know or do, but now default to an App. 3. For each item, decide if your App failed, what you would do? 4. Make a plan to keep your some of your knowledge and skills up to date. #digitaldetox #mindful #mindfulness #wellbeing #wellness #unplug #stressrelief #digitalwellness #digitalwellbeing #digitalmindfulness

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