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Keynote Speaker

Book Colin Corby, founder of Technology Wellbeing, creator of The Digital Detox Coach and international TEDx speaker for your event. Topics include:

  • The power of digital detox.
  • Being human in the age of AI
  • Why we've got age all wrong?!`
  • Is your digital footprint killing the planet?

Watch TEDx 'Are We Losing our Human Identity to Technology?'

  • Overworked young black business woman with headache at office.
    The power of digital detox

    It's not unusual for technology to leave us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and struggling to stay focussed. We often feel the need to be always connected, always busy and never seem to have time for the important things like relationships, careers, or even our own health.

    But it doesn't have to be this way

  • Footprint in digital background / Concept of digital footprint
    Is your digital footprint killing the planet?

    Climate change is the defining crisis of our time and time is running out. The scientific consensus is that humans are the leading cause of climate change.

    However, did you realise that your online digital activities have serious consequences for the planet too.

  • Silhouette of a man standing inside a green digital computer world.
    Being human in the age of AI

    Colin Corby invites the audience to explore what it is to be human in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Taking inspiration from the latest ideas from technology, neuroscience and philosophy, Colin asks some difficult and thought provoking questions.

Coaching & Courses

The following coaching sessions and courses,are available from Technology Wellbeing Ltd.

  • Picture of a two people running along a forest trail in bright sunlight together with a headshot image of Colin Corby in the bottom left.
    Women's Health 1:1 Coaching

    As seen in the magazine 'Women's Health' September 2024 edition.

    Individual 1:1 coaching from Colin Corby aka 'The Digital Detox Coach' specifically designed for busy professional women to help you achieve a healthier more productive and sustainable life with technology. It might sound counter intuitive but creating boundaries, having regular periods for offline rest and recovery, and by reconnecting with yourself, other people and the world around, you will perform better at work, be more resilient to stress and burnout, and have to time for what really matters to you.

  • TEDx talk featuring Ana Smith and Colin Corby on stage
    Public Speaker Programme

    Our Public Speaker Programme is an immersive three-month journey designed to empower individuals with the skills, confidence, and strategies needed to excel in public speaking. Led by esteemed speakers Ana Smith and Colin Corby, the programme offers tailored guidance and comprehensive support to each participant, ensuring their growth and success in the realm of public speaking. This programme is offered jointly by Brightflare Performance Solutions, USA and Technology Wellbeing Ltd, UK.

  • Digital Detox Course

    The Introduction to Digital Detox online course includes five lessons and over one hour of content including examples, theory, digital detox tools and challenges for homework.

    This course is ideal for anyone who not only wants to learn about how taking regular digital detoxes can help achieve a healthier and more sustainable technology/life balance, but also wants practical tools and challenges that can make this happen.


Business consultancy and workshops available from Technology Wellbeing and The Digital Detox Coach.

  • Black & white Adobe image of four figures of men pushing large cubes and one in from pushing a sphere.
    Digital Distraction & Productivity

    Would you like to win back an extra 30 minutes a day?

    Dive into the strange world of why we love to be distracted, how the environment and digital habits trigger our behaviour, why being busy is not the same as being productive and how attention management allows you to get more done and with less stress.

    We live in a world where we have constant access to technology 24/7 and the boundaries between work and our personal lives have become blurred. Multiple apps compete for our attention, and algorithms and AI try to anticipate, personalise and influence the choices that we make. Therefore it's no surprise that the cost of so many distractions is the build up of stress and the feelings of constantly being busy.
    But it doesn’t have to be this way.

    This workshop is ideal for organisations with remote and hybrid employees.

    In this workshop participants will be provided with information and insights, and easy to implement practical strategies to improve focus & productivity, and to reduce the cumulative build up of stress.

  • Beutiful forest sceen of a path with the trees lit up by sunlight.
    the Digital Detox Coach Series
    Digital Detox

    Digital Detox to improve your creativity, productivity and physical and mental health.

    It’s not unusual for technology to leave us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and struggling to stay focussed. We often feel the need to be always connected, always busy and never seem to have time for the important things like relationships, careers, or even our own health.
    But it doesn’t have to be this way.

    This workshop is ideal for organisations with remote and hybrid employees.

    Taking a regular digital detox is an essential ingredient in reducing the build-up of stress. However, it can be difficult to know where to start and to keep motivated for long enough to create more healthy digital habits. In this workshop participants will take away practical steps to improve their physical and mental health when working with technology.

  • Professional burnout at work and chaos in head. Tired and overworked man manager at office workplace lies face down on laptop. Frustrated worker mental health problems.
    Essential wellbeing tools for remote workers

    Research indicates that remote and hybrid workers are more likely to suffer feelings of burnout than full time office workers and younger workers report being more stressed.

    In this 90 minute interactive webinar, digital detox expert Colin Corby and stress management expert Liz Naik will explore the benefits that regular digital detoxing, stress management and resilience brings for remote and hybrid workers. Using research and simple to implement tools and techniques that can make an immediate difference to the resilience, health & wellbeing of remote workers.

  • Red Pill Blue Pill concept made famous in the first Matrix film. Image of two hands against a black background, one holding a red pill and one holding a blue pill.
    The ‘Know How’ Series
    Team building - Tricks of the Mind

    A team building workshop to bring people together through an entertaining insight into our own reality and why what you think you see is not all that there is! It will challenge you to ask more questions and pay more attention to yourself, your colleagues and everything around you.

  • Cover of the paper on 'Why a healthy digital culture matters'. Picture of woman office worker smiling whilst using her laptop.
    Consulting – digital culture

    The pandemic has increased the levels of anxiety, stress and work-related burnout risks worldwide. The more digitally transformed the workplace becomes, the higher the risk of burnouts. While digital transformation at work has many benefits and makes it possible for employees to work remotely and more efficiently, it creates business challenges that impact employee’s productivity, creativity and morale.

    Colin Corby is co-author of the international paper ‘Why a healthy digital culture matters’. He brings his wealth of experience in technology and digital wellbeing to help organisations create a healthier and more successful digital culture.

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